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Legacy WMS vs Modern WMS
Learn the difference between a Modern WMS and a Legacy WMS
Here is Why the WMS Is Today’s Must-Have Tool
Here is Why the WMS Is Today’s Must-Have Tool Here is Why the WMS Is Today’s Must-Have Tool -What would you give if you could make virtually every task in your warehouse more accurate, more efficient, and easier for your team to complete? Depending on the state of your warehouse, you might offer quite a lot to reach a point where you can reliably understand inventory, respond to orders, bill customers, and eliminate human error along the way. The good news is that this is exactly what a Warehouse Management System can do for you. The better news is that it’s likely more affordable than you think. Before jumping straight into a cost discussion, we want to share with you a few thoughts on what a best-of-breed WMS like our P4 Warehouse can deliver for a warehouse, or multiple warehouses, of any size for almost any industry.
P4 Warehouse

P4 Warehouse


Barrdega Panamá is proud to announce the launch of P4 Warehouse, our state-of-the-art WMS designed for today's modern business. P4 Warehouse utilizes the award-winning Zebra android scanner to drive the processes in your warehouse. By utilizing Zebra Android devices P4 Warehouse can reduce user errors by 34% bring more profits and customer satisfaction to your operation. P4 Warehouse was designed from the ground up with best practices in mind. For a fast yet economical WMS, P4 Warehouse is the answer you have been looking for.